Your Food Advisor: The Truths of Dieting

Hasn’t anyone ever told you that dieting is more than just missing meals? Diet, itself, is a misnomer. Even you might have fallen captive to the likelihood of skipping meals in the hope of making a right diet.

Colloquially referred to as a dietary regimen or program to lose or maintain weight, diet is technically defined as the food you eat within 24 hours, within 7 days or within 1 month. A good diet is inclusive of the right type of foods in adequate amounts at equal intervals.

Make it Right: Health Eating

It is important to note that healthy eating is a characteristic of a healthy diet. A well-balanced meal is one which is composed of all the different food groups in bountiful amounts. Recent dietary updates revealed the campaign of the US government on ´My Plate´ advocacy. It is an important wake-up call to many individuals who seem to have spent so much on food and so less on activity.

My Plate is a simpler version of the traditional food pyramid. It illustrates your must-be healthy diet on a plate with specific allotted portions for the basic food groups including dairy. This is among the primary steps of the health-related organizations to fight off the increasing mortality and morbidity of lifestyle diseases.

According to the World Health Organization

The World Health Organization (WHO) is the biggest coordinating and directing authority of health worldwide. It established standards, norms and policies which many of the sub-categorized health organizations and government institutions revere and follow.

WHO recommends simple important notes in healthy dieting.

  1. You should limit your energy consumption from total fats. Go for unsaturated fats (those found in vegetables and fishes) rather than saturated ones.
  2. It is important to balance energy and body weight.
  3. You have to increase your consumption of fruits and vegetables.
  4. Simple sugars have to be toned down.
  5. Limit salt intake, whether it is iodized or not.
  6. Increase consumption of essential amino acids which are important in body repair and regeneration.
  7. Take in adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals.
  8. Avoid consuming foods which are either carcinogenic or pathogenic in nature.

The Use of HEI

The Healthy Eating Index or HEI was formulated by the US Department of Agriculture in 1995, and was renewed last 2005. This is a diet guide which caters measurement of caloric intake. Being particular with what you eat is an important step in healthy dieting. HEI makes measuring of what you eat easier and clearer.

The Tips

  • Here are some simple guidelines in healthy eating.
  • Increase your intake of high-fiber foods
  • Increase your antioxidant intake by including green, orange and yellow fruits and vegetables.
  • Decrease your intake of refined and simple sugars.
  • Cut down on saturated fats.
  • Maintain adequate intake of vitamins and minerals.

Eating a healthy and nutritious diet is important for proper body functioning and weight management. You may also try diet pill if you like but you have to do the research before buying any product. This website reviewed top rated diet pills on the market, you may check it out.

Burn More Fats With Fat Burning Supplements

Losing weight is not an easy thing to do. You need to devote yourself to strict diet and exercise in order to lose significant weight. It takes great discipline and control to be able to sustain it for months.

One reason why a lot become unsuccessful with weight loss is because of the dedication you need to practice it. If you’re among the many who’s in great need to lose weight, you can with fat burning supplements. Supplements are in demand nowadays because these promote weight loss without so much work.

Fat Burning Supplements

Supplements now have been created to supply consumers who wanted to lose weight but just can’t do exercise and exercise strict dieting. Some people have busy career life that going to the gym makes it time-consuming. Some have problems controlling their diet that can’t give up their favorite food or snacks.

With supplements, you can take them in oral form at any time of the day and make your metabolism higher to promote weight loss. It would only take you a second to gulp on those pill so you could lose weight.

Effectiveness and Safety of Supplements

Probably, you’re even curious whether these supplements are effective or safe. Well, when you look at their ingredients you can determine if these will definitely work. One famous natural ingredient in supplements in L-carnitine. It’s the substance even added in drinks and topical applications.

L-carnitine is a fat burning solution that will melt the fats in the body. Other ingredients include citrus aurantium and yerba mate that promotes the same effect too. These prevent fats from depositing in the body and then they work on the fats so these would be used as energy. Green tea supplements are effective natural ingredient that increases metabolism to use stored fats for energy.

When looking for supplements, it’s necessary you get those with natural fat burners. These are safer and with no known serious side effects. Unlike other ingredients or chemicals, these do work as well but may be dangerous to your vital organs.

Supplements Aren’t Substitute For Diet and Exercise

Supplements can never replace the proper way to lose weight and burn fats. Exercise is always the best and healthy way in losing weight. However, when it seems impossible to be consistent with workout and diet, fat burning supplements can even help.

If you are really determined to lose great weight in the shortest time, you can combine supplements, diet and exercise. With this, you will burn a lot more fats and maintain a good energy in you. Living a sedentary lifestyle will make you weak and will just easily get tired. To keep your metabolism up, you need to be moving at all times.

When you’re planning to lose weight and unsure when, start now. Visit your nearest store and look for a good quality supplement to make those fats go away. If you have time, be active, go out and get into moving.

As much as possible, limit your food intake gradually and shift to more healthier food. Continue with fat burning supplements until you’re ready to workout and lose weight all on your own.

Tricks for Weight Loss

In the United States, about 68% of adult women and men are obese or overweight, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report in 2012. More than 64% of women and 72% of men have overweight or obese BMIs.

If you think you belong to this category, there are several easy and quick things that you can do in order to decrease your intake of calories and increase your level of activity. However, prior to beginning any exercise program or weight loss regimen, consult your health care provider first.

Plate Size

In the 1960s, the average size of the dinner plate was nine inches. In today’s time, however, sizes are 12 to 15 inches. There are some restaurants that even make use of plates that can be considered as platter size. When you eat outside, skip seconds and use a smaller plate in order for you to decrease portions.

Drink Water

According to the Institute of Medicine, men should drink about 2-3 liters of water or fluids in a day while the recommended intake for women is 9 cups or 2 liters. This should include any kind of fluids, including those which may be found in food.

If you drink at least eight glasses of water every day, these requirements will surely be met. If you are intent on losing weight, water would be the best choice because it contains no calories. Sports drinks, some flavored water, sodas, and juices have calories that most of us do not need.

Drinking water will help you avoid overeating and it will aid in making you feel full for the rest of the day. Before a meal, try and drink a glass of water so that your stomach will be filled.

Fruits and Vegetables

Many people from the United Sates do not eat enough vegetables and fruits. If hunger pangs strike between meals, you can grab a fruit or chow on some fresh vegetables. One medium-sized fruit like a peach, orange, or apple, contains about 50-60 calories and ½  cup of vegetables like cherry tomatoes, broccoli, or carrots, has 30 or so calories.

Aside from their low caloric content, they are great because they are filled with minerals, vitamins, and fiber which can help in filling you up.

Avoid Temptation

When there is one particular food that you cannot seem to stop eating, it is simple: do not buy it. What it all comes down to is the fact that if food is not available, you cannot be tempted. Store healthy foods in your refrigerator and cupboards.

If you happen to pass by your

When you happen to pass by your most loved fast food restaurant while you are on your way to work and you have a habit of stopping by, you should try and take another route.

A report on the Dietary Guidelines for Americans last 2010 said that there is proof that if there are many fast food restaurants in your area, the people who are living there have higher BMIs or body mass indexes.

You may want to take weight loss pills along with proper exercise to get best result. However, there are a lot of pills on the market so make sure to read reviews before buyign anything.

Numbering Diets

There is no magic that can spare you from the pitfalls of weight management. Every now and then you get to gain weight more than you lose them. When these eating consequences strike, you find yourself in frenzy, looking for the perfect way to eliminate the extra fat stocks.

If you are entertaining the thought of fad diets, you are plotting your own incidence of crash and burn. Losing or maintaining weight through crash diets isn’t the wisest choice. Remember that you can´t maintain weight overnight. It takes effort and determination to get rid of the extra inches on your waistline.

If you are looking for a perfect diet to work with, here is a list of overall diets you might want to personally evaluate.

Topping Diet Charts

  1. The DASH Diet – This is a well-balanced diet aimed to prevent hypertension and lower blood pressure. The premise of this diet is based on the theory that abundant intake of nutrients such as calcium, protein and fiber is important in fighting off lifestyle diseases. It is a dietary plan designed to calculate and designate daily caloric intake without compromising nutrition. The fun part is that this dietary regimen does not restrict any food type or food groups. However, limitations need to be observed as far as sugars, spice, salts and alcohol are concerned.
  2. TLC Diet – It is a low-fat diet highly associated with Ornish diets. The aim of this type of diet is to cut-down high-density cholesterol. According to experts, this type of diet can successfully lower your bad cholesterol by 8-10% in 6 weeks. TLC or Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes Diet was created by the National Institutes of Health´s National Cholesterol Education Program. The main step in this type of diet is cutting back on fat intake especially saturated ones.
  3. Mayo Clinic Diet – It is a balanced diet with the promise to make you shed 6-10 pounds in 2 weeks. This type of regimen is highly associated with lifestyle and eating habit modifications. It highlights techniques which you can add and eliminate on your daily routine. There is no complete food restriction. However, developing one a healthy eating routine (the first part) is the biggest challenge.
  4. Mediterranean Diet – The aims of this diet are: to prevent lifestyle diseases, maintain weight and lose extra weight. The regimen generally includes an active lifestyle, weight control measures and a diet low in saturated fats, red meats and sugars. It emphasizes intake of vegetables, fruits, and herbs and spices in abundance; seafood most often; poultries and dairies in moderation; and sweets occasionally.

These are not fad diets. These diets are evaluated by a panel of health and diet experts as facilitated by the U.S. News. The evaluation of experts are based on the simple premise of a healthy diet – it has to be easily followed, consumer or client- friendly, safe, nutritious, effective to weight management and is capable to thwart lifestyle diseases.

Your Ten Chosen Foods To Burn Fats In The Body

Becoming fat is really difficult. You can hardly move around and easily get tired doing any activity. Aside from its physical discomforts, you lose confidence in yourself. It’s so hard to fit in your previous clothes and looking yourself in front of the mirror makes you more insecure.

Nowadays, the scheme of health is being fit and slim. You can lose weight and be fit if you start changing your diet, eating less unhealthy food and consuming more fat burning foods.

Top 10 Fat Burning Foods

  1. Nuts are among the power foods you can healthily snack on. These contain oil and fat but are healthy to your body. Nuts are filling and would satisfy cravings. These are rich in protein that can help you grow more muscles. Nuts can range from almonds, walnuts to peanuts.
  2. Eggs are low in calorie yet high in protein. Eating eggs at least thrice a week has proven that it can aid in making you lose weight. For lesser fats, you can make hard boiled eggs or poached eggs so you can’t use oil.
  3. Green and leafy vegetables are high in fiber and contain lots of nutrients. Foods that contain fiber inhibit absorption of fat and get rid of the toxins in the body. These nutrients also improve your resistance making you healthier to go with your weight training.
  4. Green tea is known to increase metabolism. When your metabolism is hyped up, you increase the fat burning process of your body. Drinking 2 cups of green tea everyday aids you in getting rid of those fats. Aside from it, green tea contains antioxidants that delays aging making your skin beautiful.
  5. Replacing white grain foods with whole grain foods can prevent you from gaining weight. Whole grains contain lots of fiber that deal with the fats in the body. These are considered complex carbohydrates that take longer to digest and will make you full for longer hours preventing you to eat frequently.
  6. If you’re craving for meat, poultry can be a healthy option for you. It’s low in fats compared to other meat and it’s packed with proteins.
  7. Chili peppers work also by increasing metabolism. Its hot and spicy flavors make you sweat that can burn some fats in your body.
  8. Salmon, tuna and mackerel are among the best fishes that are very filling and give you more energy. You can go further and harder with your training.
  9. Dairy and milk were once thought to be fattening. However, based on several studies, adequate calcium intake promote more weight loss. Consume more of low fat milk and dairy products.
  10. Increasing your water intake has a long way to go. You feel temporary full and it helps you in getting rid of toxins. You need water to be hydrated during workout. Water itself helps burn fats too.

These are your top ten fat burning foods that can make you lose weight fast. Pair a healthy diet with exercise to achieve the best maximum effect. With healthy lifestyle, you will definitely be fit and slim looking better as you continue.

Strategies for Weight Loss

Making the correct lifestyle and diet changes will mean big between successful or flailed weight loss. Making even the smallest alterations in a day can aid you in shedding those unwanted pounds without ending up feeling deprived. By doing this, you are already on the way to a leaner and healthier body. Before beginning any kind of program for weight loss, remember to consult your physician first.

There are so many strategies when it comes to losing weight aside from counting calories and hitting the gym. Controlling what you put in your mouth and how you can burn calories may be achieved in a lot of ways. For as long as you are burning more calories than what you consume, you will lose the excess weight.

Even the simplest activities like fidgeting can burn calories. Shifting in the chair, tapping your foot, bobbing your head to some music, and twirling your hair is already considered as exercise.

Small Meals

Eat at least five or six meals in a day in order to keep the stomach full and prevent you from overeating. According to, eating big meals and skipping meals can slow metabolism and you will not be able to burn calories well.

Breakfast is the Key

Never forget to skip breakfast everyday. According to several studies, individuals who eat breakfast experience fewer hunger pangs and cravings during the later part of the day. A study by Dr. Phil McGraw published in The Ultimate Weight Solution found that people who have breakfast can control their appetites better during other meals.

Select Beverages with Low Calories

Beverages that have high calories may be a source of large amounts of calories in the diet. Calories which may be found in sports drinks, juices, soda, or coffee drinks can add up in a day. If you substitute these drinks with water, this can help you save calories and lose up to 10 lbs in a year.

A bottle of soda normally contains up to 280 calories while coffee drinks have about 300 calories. If you skip these high-calorie beverages, this can equal to about 2 lbs. of weight loss in just over 2 weeks. The key is to drink lots of water before a meal and skip beverages with high calories. Before snacking, try consuming water first because you may not be hungry, but thirsty.

Control Portions

Instead of worrying over scales and measuring cups, try and measure portions using your hands. The lean meats you will be eating must be the size of a palm. One serving of vegetables and fruits must fill your cupped hand. This is an effective strategy that a lot of people have been using for weight loss, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Say No to Sugar

Get rid of the sugar from the diet except for those which can be found naturally in fruits. The Mayo Clinic Diet says that sugar is high in calories with no nutritional value. Eliminate ordinary and everyday sugar sources like desserts, jelly, honey, table sugar, candy and those which can corn syrup which is high in fructose.